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Turnkey BEE is a pioneer in the IRBA economic empowerment rating methodology, and provides clients with an independent opinion on the economic empowerment status of companies. The rating will assist companies in identifying and understanding their own, unique empowerment status, risks and opportunities to improve on future ratings. Turnkey BEE ratings can also be used by private and public sector companies and institutions to allocate licensing, procurement and financing benefits in a more effective and efficient manner, thus benefitting sustainable empowerment entities.

We perform B-BBEE ratings across South Africa, for companies ranging from small privately owned entities to large multinationals. Our verifications thus include EME's, QSE's and large Generic companies, across all sectors in the economy.

As an independent verification agency we cannot assist in optimising and structuring our clients B-BBEE profiles whilst also performing a B-BBEE rating. However through our network of affiliated B-BBEE advising companies, we can enable our clients to truly transform their B-BBEE profile.


Scorecard Types

Exempt Micro Enterprise Scorecard (EME):
Annual turnover is less than R10 million

Qualified Small Enterprise Scorecard (QSE):
Annual turnover more than R10 Million but less than R50 Million

Generic Enterprise Scorecard (Generic):
Annual turnover more than R50 Million

Sector Specific Scorecards - Still to be rated on the old codes:
Road Freight
Chartered Accountant
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
 - Aviation
 - Bus & Coach
 - Forwarding & Clearing
 - Maritime Transport
 - Rail
 - Tax

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